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Our Irresistible Juice Menu:

NuJu Juice is Really Irresistible, See for Yourself: 

  • Why are our juices so nutritious?
    Our juices are nutritious because we use 1.5 to 2 lbs of organic fruits and vegetables in each juice. This provides live enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients that are important for optimal health and weight loss. We use organic produce to reduce exposure to harmful pesticides.
  • How do we clean the produce used in our juices?
    We use a thorough 4-step cleaning process to remove harmful bacteria and pathogens from the produce. This includes multiple rinses and a vinegar soak bath.
  • How do we formulate our juice recipes?
    Through many trials and errors, we have developed recipes that we know people will enjoy. Our juices are kid-approved and health food critic-approved.
  • How are our juices preserved?
    We freeze the juices right after they are made to preserve the nutrients. This ensures you get the optimal nutrients when your Juice Box arrives.
  • How long do the juices last?
    Our juices can be kept frozen for up to 5 months. Once thawed, they should be consumed within 5 days.
  • Why did we start juicing?
    As health coaches, we recommend juicing to clients with pressing health conditions. Seeing the power of raw juice in helping clients recover inspired us to start juicing. We want to help more people experience the benefits.
  • How did we come up with our juice recipes?
    We love taking ingredients people normally avoid and turning them into delicious juices, like our NuJu Classic Beet Juice. Our family is passionate about helping people gain control of their health through taste.
  • Why did we decide to start selling our juices?
    We started selling our juices to friends and received great feedback. Family and friends out of state also wanted our juices shipped to them. This led us to offer our nutritious, organic, tasty juices nationwide through delivery.

Looking to partner with NuJu Juice? Submit a request below. 

At NuLife Fit, we believe that cold-pressed juices are one of the best ways to nourish your body. That's why we want to partner with businesses, influencers, and organizations to bring the benefits of our nutrient-dense juices to more people.If your company or brand aligns with our vision of making delicious, nutrient-dense juice accessible to more people, let's talk! We offer flexible partnership models with opportunities to give back. Contact us today to explore how we can work together to make a refreshing impact and create a healthier world sip by sip.

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